House 1

This property and land is available for sale near Nasugbu/Tuy, Batangas. The property comprises 4 hectare (40,011 square meters) of land with 2 modern detached houses built within the last 3 years. There is also a sugar plantation.

The houses have stunning interrupted views of the Batangas Mountains and its elevated position and mountain air provides a cool climate.

If you are looking for a house for sale in Batangas Philippnes then this real estate property with land is well worth a closer look as it has an extensive set of features.

The countryside location is near Nasugbu/Tuy, Batangas and is 10km from the sea and about 30 minutes drive to Tagaytay for shopping, schools, hospitals and restaurants. The property is 90km south from Manila.

About Mountain View

House 1 with mountain views

The cooler climate is similar to Tagaytay because of the mountain breeze that prevails. The lot including the two houses is being offered direct from the owner and not from any real estate brokers. There are no loans or orders etc linked to the property.


The property has a clean title and will be of interest to anyone that wants to lead a country lifestyle or perhaps as an investment. This property can be used as an investment as it has many possible uses, such as sugar plantation, agriculture, residential, leisure etc.

There is plenty of space for adding a swimming pool. tennis course, mini-golf course etc.


House 2 main entrance

If you are interested in this property then please review the details on this site and serious interested parties can arrange for a viewing appointment with the lot owner. Call 0975 058 1492 or 0930 658 0517

Brokers welcome at 2.5% please email for agreement form.